Atlanta’s New Trend: Bird Electronic Scooters

Krista Robertson, Cook & James

A new flock of birds have flown into Atlanta, but they don’t have feathers or beaks! The city of Atlanta has partnered with the company, Bird, to bring Atlanta a new alternative to commuting — electric scooters. Residents of Midtown, Tech Square, and downtown have probably already seen riders scooting around the streets. Bird promises to make sure they keep up with the demand of riders.

Bird’s mission is to work with cities, like Atlanta, to help improve transportation in an environmentally friendly way. The scooter gives residents a rentable solution for the “last mile” of their trips to home, work, or favorite local spot. Birds are only available between the hours of 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. They’re charged up in the evening and returned in groups of 3 around the city.

How It Works

Download the free app from the Play Store or Apple Store. Once you have the app, you can start looking for birds nearby. Use the app to unlock the scooter, then ride to your next location! It’s $1 to start,then 15 cents a minute to ride.. When you are done, end your ride on the app and leave the scooter for the next user.

Friendly Reminders

Make sure you follow Bird’s safety guidelines:

·       Helmets are required

·       You must be 18 or old with a valid driver’s license to ride

·       Follow local traffic rules

·       Never use them on the sidewalk or beltline

With so many people moving to Atlanta, it’s no wonder companies are starting to think of smarter ways to move people to their destination. Bird’s innovative solution to crowd control is taking flight in many cities, and Atlanta locals are certainly jumping on board. Have you tried this craze? Post a picture on Instagram and tag us: #Cookandjameslovesbird

Mary Jacksoninfo, atlanta