Design Tools For Real Estate Agents

Mary Jackson, Cook & James

Have you ever had an open house and needed marketing material asap? Perhaps you could try to throw something together using Microsoft Paint, but you know it won’t turn out professional. Where do you turn to put together professional looking work in a time crunch? There are numerous free tools at your fingertips, but few for design, and even fewer that are user friendly.

One of my favorite tools for marketing and especially real estate marketing is Canva. Canva is a free tool for graphic design that is 100% customizable to your needs. You can build images for social media specifically sized for your use, invitations for open houses, pamphlets, and more. This tool is super easy to use and has a lot of features you won’t find in Microsoft Paint. The best part is that you can quickly throw something professional together. So what kind of features will you see?


Background Options

With Canva, you can choose between solid, printed, colored, and plain backgrounds. My personal favorite background is marble. Whether you are creating a meme for social or a door hanger for an open house, you can easily test different backgrounds on Canva.


Easily import images from your camera roll for use. New headshot for your business card? Upload it. New countertops that you want to showcase for your open house? Upload it. Once uploaded you can resize, edit, filter, and a whole lot more.


Canva has lots of text to choose from, but what is even better is the style guide that you can use. I’m sure you see hip and trendy articles with 3 different fonts and think “how did they make that look cohesive and fun with so many fonts!” Well Canva is your easy answer with tons of different style templates already preloaded.


The icons in Canva range from lines, arrows, social, shapes and more. They are great for accenting your image or creating infographs. Don’t underestimate the power of accent icons!


There are a lot of sizing rules for social media- Canva has preloaded size options for each platform ready to choose for all your creation and branding needs. You can also choose custom sizes- this option comes in handy when creating for open house flyers, pamphlets, or even resizing a company logo.

As you can see, there are a lot of uses for Canva that can help real estate agents create, design, and share their brand.

Need more help creating on Canva? The Growth team by Cook & James is well versed in Canva and design. We would love to help you create your marketing material- and distribute it across your social media or email blast. Our Marketing services are designed to help you grow your leads. Learn more about our services by scheduling your free consultation today.

Mary Jackson