Real Estate Agents’ Social Media Toolbox

Krista Robertson, Cook & James LLC

Let’s start with the basics of what should be in your social media toolbox and how to use each one. Not all social media was created the same, and you should use them the way that is most beneficial to you. More than 90% of homebuyers start their buying process online, so having your profiles built for all or some of these platforms is going to be important; but before you start posting, let’s review what content needs to be posted and where.



Instagram is the platform that focuses only on photo and video sharing. Though the platform is owned by facebook, millennials are starting to use this more frequently than facebook. In fact, over 60% of instagrams demographic is made up of users ages 18-24. If you are a real estate agent targeting first time home buyers, this is the social platform for you. The audience on this platform wants to understand who you are and what your brand represents. Show off a fun celebration in your office or that cup of coffee that gets you through the day. To get started you will need a great photo sized 1080x1080 or 612x612, a captivating caption, and relevant hashtags. You can even use the same fun hashtag in all of your posts to start your own category of posts- this will allow people to post using your hashtag, and get the users to congregate in one spot.



This is a great tool to use for networking with other agents, and showing off your resume and previous experience or expertise in a professional platform. If you’re a buying agent, you can connect with selling agents and vice versa. Make sure to complete your profile by adding your work history, how long you have been in the industry, and your skills. Having all these pieces in your profile can go a long way! Tip: Growth By Cook & James has super secret marketing tips to get you even more profile attention! Contact our marketing team to learn how you can get hundreds of eyes on your profile, just follow the CTA below:



Twitter is a great source for people to connect and share opinions. Use it for networking with future customers! If someone is venting about being a new time homebuyer, be the person that reaches out with the answers! Keep your finger on the pulse here and it could help generate leads.



Facebook is a great catch-all for any content being posted. You can post your pictures from instagram, use the same hashtags as twitter, post educational articles, and anything else. Create events for your open houses here or post about your newest listing. With training from Growth by Cook and James, we can help you build ads that target potential customers and bring them to you!

These platforms can seem like a lot of work to use and maintain. Once you decide which social media is right for you, reach out to Growth by Cook and James to get help on building your brand and how to easily manage these social media platforms with only 30 minutes a week.

Mary Jackson