Real Estate Marketing

Mary Jackson, Cook & James

If you sell something, such as a house, then you are a marketer- or at least, you should try to think of yourself as one. Your primary goal should be to get leads, nurture those leads, and ultimately sell a home. It’s what you’re good at! But getting your digital marketing in line can add tremendous value to your business, and help you grow your leads. At Cook & James, we provide those awesome digital marketing services, and world class at-home closings to provide you with fast service that puts the focus on you and your client.

We’re in the business of helping people grow, so in this article I will go over some tips and tricks that real estate agents can use to better market themselves and their business so that they can spend less time trying to figure out lead generation.

1.     Use quality photos

All of your clients, even those with an untrained eye can tell the difference between a high-quality and professional photo and a low-quality snapshot. Picture yourself as the client: If you’re looking for a home and the pictures are grainy, blurry or at strange angles, chances are your impression of the home isn’t going to be very positive. You would feel that the agent or owner either did not care enough to take high quality photos or that they did not care to put time and effort into their listing. Either way, this could leave a bad taste in the buyer’s mouth.

In this day in age, there is no reason for using poor-quality photography in your listings, website, or material. You really don’t need to spend your hard-earned money to hire professional photographers; I’m writing this with the assumption that you have an iPhone or other smart phone. No matter your device, our phones all come with great cameras and we have editing apps easily at the tips of our fingers. As you prepare to post your next listing, take the time to take quality images. Use natural light, try out different angles, really let your artistic style shine, and most importantly think about what the customer wants to see. Put yourself in their shoes and choose pictures that would sell you on a home.  There are plenty of helpful tricks online to learn how to get better at taking great photos. Potential home buyers & sellers will take notice and appreciate the time and effort you put in, plus become more excited to work with you.

2.     Create a Newsletter.

Email marketing is one simple, and one of the best skills you can learn for building your client relationships. Gather emails from your website (typically a landing page), local outreach, or any other methods you can think of. Send your email subscribers the stuff they’re looking for – notices about upcoming open houses, new houses on the market, news about seminars you’re offering in the area, or new tax and housing laws. By keeping your leads hot and fostering your relationship you have a better chance of selling these leads a home- since your name will stay fresh in their mind as a quality agent.

3.     Actively Post on Social Media

Everyone uses social media. Most use it to share updates about their lives, but as a real estate agent or broker, you need to be using these channels to grow and nurture your business. Meet your clients and prospects where they are: online. And you don’t just have to list homes!

One mistake that agents can make when trying to post content is only posting home listings. This doesn’t really provide any value to your followers that aren’t currently in the market to buy a home. You need to share the value-rich content to keep people on your page until they are ready to look for a home. Ask your social network to engage with you and share their own thoughts in the comments and be sure to respond when they do. You can host polls, questions, photo games and more! All of these things will help to get your followers engaged and excited to check your business page.

4.     Add Live Chat to your Website

Okay, you’re already focused on driving web traffic, getting leads, and posting on social media.  But what happens when a potential client gets to your website and has questions? I know you probably have the option to call on your contact page, or even an email field for newsletter updates or direct contact. But what if the buyer has a quick question that they want answered now— and they will hunt for the answer from other agents if you can’t get to them first!

It’s crucial to be there when your potential clients need you most— in the beginning! The best way to do this is by adding a live chat feature to your website so that you can have coverage 24/7. Live chat is one of the many effective marketing tools available in terms of conversion on your website. Website visitors gain the ability to ask questions, receive answers, and give feedback, all in real-time rather than going elsewhere to answer their questions, like google.

Live Chat features create a stronger user experience and can give you valuable information for when you reach out to follow up with the potential client. There are a lot of live chat services out there, but we can advise you on which would be best for your specific needs, client needs, industry and even location.

Give us a call (or chat) to get a free consultation and get your live chat feature started. Digital Marketing can be hard, so let us tackle the tough stuff so that you can sit back and do what you do best- sell homes.