Glympse into the feature of travel!

We’ve all been a little late for an appointment, right? It happens. And as a real estate agent, it may happen between you and  your clients often when traveling to and from closings, open houses, and tours. Wouldn’t it be nice to see where your clients are in real time, or even let your client know when you’re running late at just the touch of a button? We recently found out about an app called Glympse, and we’re a little excited.

Glympse allows you to send a quick message to your clients with your real-time location. So if you’re just a few minutes behind, they’ll see exactly where you are. No need to text back and forth- because no one texts and drives anymore.  Glympse will let you send a little map of where you are for free, and we think this app can help you in your home life too. You can get little updates from family members, update them on your ETA when meeting for events or dinners and more! Glympse can even be used at a pub crawl or at a busy mall to help you and your friends connect.  

With Glympse you can even decide how long your GPS will track your location. This means that if you only want the person on the other end to see your location for the next 5 min, you can set it to do just that. If you’re traveling to see family and friends that are hours away, you can set the GPS to track you for the length of your car ride so that your loved ones can check in on you without having to actually check in. You don’t even need to log in or create an account (yay, no more passwords!).  Simply download the app and ping your exact location and get tracking. 

For business purposes, you can invite your clients or partners to a private group so that everyone in the party is still in the loop. Pretty cool right?

Technology has come so far in the last decade, and at Cook & James we believe in utilizing the latest and greatest tech to help us improve our processes for a smoother customer experience. Is there an app that you just can’t live without? Drop us a comment and tell us about it!