Your Online Presence: Social Media Essentials


The world is only going to get more digital, so you might as well embrace social media for your business now! When it comes to creating a cohesive online presence, you want your brand to be the same across all of your social media platforms. Each platform offers a unique way to showcase your services and specialties. Below, you will learn why each platform is important and how you can cater your content to each social media profile.

Without further adieu, here are the essential social media platforms to grow your business:


Having a well-maintained Facebook business page for your brand is important. Facebook offers different features from other platforms. Through your Facebook business page, you can run ads on both Facebook and Instagram, schedule social media posts, create events and groups, and list all of your business information. Business pages have a call-to-action feature that allows users to call or email you directly from your business page. What’s not to love?


LinkedIn showcases your professionalism and helps you network with other experts in your industry. You can list your educational background, work experience, and professional achievements on your profile. Maximize the effectiveness of your account by adding a professional headshot, personalized banner, headline, and summary. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine!


Twitter is the best way to join in on the conversations and become a thought leader within your industry. Through the use of hashtags (#TGIF), you can connect with other Twitter users interested in the same topics as you or searching for the services you offer. The idea of having a Twitter account can be daunting because you have to be more active on this account compared to your other social media accounts. Luckily, as little as 10 minutes a day of retweeting industry-related news and engaging with other users can significantly increase your following!


Pictures, pictures, pictures (and videos)! Instagram is the go-to for reaching Millennials. This visually-focused platform is only used for pictures and short videos. Just like Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags to connect users. Don’t bombard your followers with sales-y photos--they hate it! Instead, alternate between beautiful photos of homes you have listed and personal photos that give a behind-the-scenes look into you and your job. Again, let your personality shine! Authenticity on social media will launch you into a lead generating machine.


We have discussed the importance of YouTube before and we are going to say it again! YouTube is the second most-used search engine on Google. You need to get on it. Clients are more likely to sell their home using an agent that uses video over an agent that does not. Use your YouTube channel to upload videos of house listings, client testimonials, evergreen content [link to evergreen content article-writing now!], vlogs, and more!

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