Lean Mean Evergreen Machine: All About Evergreen Content


What is Evergreen content?

Evergreen content is content that is not time-sensitive and remains relevant long after it is published. Some examples of evergreen content include how-to articles, listicles, statistics, checklists, history of a topic, tips and tricks, best practices of a specific goal, and many more!

Tip: Listicles are articles consisting of a list with descriptions and justifications for each item within that list. For example, 5 Reasons to Sell Your Home With an Agent.


Why is it important?

Evergreen content is the content that keeps on giving! By using the right keywords, your content can continuously bring you traffic. This builds up your SEO, which pushes your content closer and closer to the top of searches when someone types in a search relevant to your content. Since this content never expires, Internet users can search for keywords relating to your content and pull up your website or video over and over again.

Where should I post evergreen content?

This type of content can be published on your blog as a blog post, as content on your primary website, and as a video on your YouTube channel. When writing evergreen content on your blog, make sure you are naturally weaving in relevant keywords so that your content reaches the right audience. The same goes for the written content for your YouTube videos. Utilize the title, description, and tags for all of your videos. Maximize the reach of your videos by sharing them across your social media and embedding them in your blog posts.

Now put this information to work! How can you use your expertise in real estate to implement this content strategy?

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