Video Alternatives for the Camera-Shy Real Estate Agent

By Samantha Holt, Cook & James


I cannot stress enough how important it is for real estate professionals to get on YouTube. It is the second most-used search engine (second only to Google!) and 75% of homebuyers are going to choose a video-savvy agent over an agent not using video. As millennials age and take over the markets, the importance of getting on YouTube is only going to grow. This can be a challenge for agents that are either afraid of being behind the camera or struggle with navigating video technology. When it comes to creating a unique YouTube channel, staying true to yourself and your brand is of utmost importance.

If you fear the camera lens--read on for some video alternatives that can boost your brand!


Heard but not Seen: A Home Walk-Through

Shoot a video walk-through of a home you are trying to sell. You can either talk about the home while you film or you can record your voice talking about the home later and use it as a voice-over for the video. If you are not comfortable with video editing yet, then it is much easier to just talk about the home while you are filming. While walking through the home, make sure you highlight its best features (nice views, cool nooks, big windows) and answer any questions a viewer might have about the home. At the end of the video, thank the viewers for watching, encourage them to ask questions, and briefly discuss your services and how you can help viewers as their real estate agent.


Outsource: Client Testimonials

Not wanting to be on camera but want your audience to know just how great of a real estate professional you are? Ask your most beloved clients to be in a video testimonial for you! This boosts your credibility in the real estate industry and you can ask your clients to share the video on their social media after you upload it to YouTube. This takes your word-of-mouth marketing to the digital realm, where your business and contact information are at the fingertips of potential clients!

Moving Pictures: A PowerPoint Slideshow

Microsoft PowerPoint is an oldie, but a goodie. Through PowerPoint, you can create a slideshow that has pictures, text, fun transitions (who doesn’t love a good dissolve?), and even music or an audio recording! This program is easy-to-use and Microsoft even offers an easy guide on converting your PowerPoint presentation into a video file that you can upload to YouTube. You can create a presentation-style slideshow discussing a real estate topic, a picture slideshow for a real estate listing, and so much more!

It is important that your YouTube channel educates and entertains your audience so that they keep coming back and convert to a lead. Since your audience won’t be able to see you, make sure your personality and flair still shines through your videos. Be yourself--the people love authenticity!

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