Facebook Business Pages: Ads vs Post Boosting


I am sure everyone reading this has been asked by Facebook if they want to boost a post at some point during your time running a Facebook business page. Real estate professionals frequently ask me if boosting posts and running ads are the same and, if they are not, what the difference is. While boosting all of your posts to get in front of the most amount of people seems good in theory, it can end up wasting a lot of money if you are not boosting the right posts. Additionally, understanding the advantages and disadvantages each function has over the other will ensure you are making the most out of your marketing budget.

So let us get down to business and discuss their differences and how you can use Facebook Ads and post boosting to grow your page and generate engagement:  

What is Facebook post boosting?

Boosting a post means that you are paying money for Facebook to put your post in front of a much larger audience outside of just the followers of your page. If you have a post that performed really well with your audience, then you can boost the post to generate more engagement on it and, if all goes well, grow your page followers.

So what is the difference between running a Facebook Ad and boosting a post?

It is so easy to confuse the two--especially if you are new to this complex side of Facebook! The main difference between running an ad and boosting a post is that your ad will never show up on your timeline. When it comes to boosting posts, a post is already on your timeline before you boost it and remains on your timeline after you boost it.

Another difference is the range of capabilities that a Facebook ad comes with. You can create ads that generate leads, increase your page followers, foster brand awareness, and promote your website! With post boosting, the post has already been made and just needs a targeted audience and some money. With ads, you have to create the ad from scratch or use an ad you previously created, thus making ads much more time-consuming.

Which posts should I boost?

Facebook makes it so easy to boost any post you have, but you want to be strategic about where you throw your money when it comes to having a strong, lead-generating marketing strategy. Make sure the posts you boost can provide you with measurable results beyond ‘likes’ and comments.

Posts linking back to your website or a page with a contact form that allows your audience to submit their information to you will provide you with measurable results. If it is a post linking to your house listings, then you can measure how many ‘impressions’ (meaning how many people saw it) your post received, how many people clicked the link to your website and how many inquired about a property. The same goes for posts you boost that lead users to a page with a contact form. You can measure the impressions and compare how many went to your website and, from there, how many sent you their information.

Now that you know the differences between the two and how to strategically boost posts, how are you going to change your marketing plan and budget to make the most out of your Facebook business page?

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