Why should I get my own website for my Real Estate Business?

Why should I get my own website for my Real Estate Business?

While sticking with just the website you received from Georgia MLS is the easiest option, you’re missing out on business reach and website capabilities that you can’t get through your Georgia MLS page. Here are three reasons why you should definitely hop on the website train for your real estate business.

Build Your Brand

Georgia MLS pages are functional, but limited in how much you can brand your page. Having consistent branding across every platform your business uses both builds your brand and increases your online presence. This includes (and is not limited to) Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and your website. Your website should include your logo, website, taglines and brand colors. While Georgia MLS allows you to use your headshot and logo, it lacks the frills, colors, and feel of an authentic real estate brand.

Increase Your Customization Capabilities

The customization capabilities are limited on Georgia MLS. You only get to upload your photos, write a description of yourself and your services and display your contact information. With easy-to-use website building platforms like WordPress, SquareSpace and Wix, you can inexpensively build a beautiful real estate website for your business. Choose from tons of free templates and customize them using your logo and brand colors.  

Advertise Your Real Estate Website

With a great website comes great advertising responsibility. Would you rather have your stunning real estate website or your Georgia MLS page linked to your Google business listing? After creating your website, you can make a Google My Business account for your Business and link it to your website. Then you can start running Google Ads for your website. Running Google Ads puts your website in front of potential buyers, sellers, and investors!

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Heather James